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Lake Lenice

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Last weekend I was still in Seattle while Bebeth was already in New York. I decided I’d make a last minute trip over to Eastern Washington to fish since I’d be out on the East Coast most of the summer. My target was Lake Lenice, a 94 acre lake just south of Vantage. It was planted with Rainbow, Brown, and Tiger trout. I got up Saturday morning at around 5:30am and got to the lake around 7:30am. 20 minutes later I was kicking my way out into the lake. There were so many different birds around, red wing black birds, yellow headed black birds, coots, magpies, and swallows … and of course trout! It was a great day of fishing and catching. I “brought to hand” around 10 -15 trout and missed maybe twice that many.

That day I found out that I had a major leak in my waders, so the next morning instead of donning wet clothes, I drove over to Rocky Ford, which is a spring creek near Ephrata and spent a couple of hours chasing large spring creek trout from shore. Picked another 4 fish from there.

Anyway was a great weekend of fishing!