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First Canoe Ride

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Unfortunately we forgot our camera, but Sabine went for her first paddle. (It might’ve been our first this year too! Yikes!). It was such a nice day on Saturday that we were going to meet up with Teddy and LIsa on the mud flats but logistics and timing didn’t end up working out. With the boat already on the car we thought what a waste, where could we go … so we drove over the UW aquatic center and put in, Dorothy and Troy were going to go with us, but the wait for a boat ended being an hour and a half, so we ended paddling just by our Steudel threesome. I’m not sure Sabine really appreciated the fact that we were dodging power boats and sail boats, or that it was her first time on the water, or the cute baby ducks, or the hoards of college kds draped over any flat surface in the sun, or the hoards of canoists and kayakers, as she pretty much just slept the whole time. But great fun was had by all … thought probably mostly by mom and dad. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Delaware River Fishing Trip

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Last weekend Proctor and I headed up to the annual fishing trip on the Delaware river. It was a great time though the fishing was horrible. I caught only one trout the whole weekend. The first day we went fishing it rained all day long:

The second day was at least sunny. A lot more folks had show up by this point and half of us got in canoes and headed down the East Branch. Below is a picture of our boats and fly rods.

Here my fishing partner, Fred, was working a nice riffle, though no fish showed any appearance.

A lot of what this weekend was about is sharing, hanging out, and having a great time. Here Tom and Sam sit on the remains of a old bridge support, having a good time.

I did happen to catch something, and while it wasn’t a fish, it was interesting, though in a gross kind of way.

This creature was somewhere between a foot and a half and two feet long. It had actually gotten snagged on my fly while I was fishing, when it rolled over I got a look at this:

A circular sucker mouth full of pointy little teeth.  Below is a video of it swimming away.

After I got back I looked it up on the internet and found out that it’s a Sea Lamprey. I guess they swim up the rivers to spawn.

We also recently upgraded our old digital point and shoot for a new camera, the Olympus 850sw. The selling point of this camera is that it’s completely waterproof. I tested it out on this bass I caught in the lake.

Anyway it was a great weekend and I can’t wait to get back to Starlight.