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Sunfish …

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008


Looking at this fish, where would you guess it’s from? Note the blue gill plate, the pink underbody body, the black “ears” behind the eye … if you click on the picture and look closely you’ll see iridescent flecks of gold and silver. If you guessed Tanzania, Kenya, or South America I wouldn’t blame you. This fish is from the lake (Starlight lake), right here out our front door. It’s called a Bluegill, also called Panfish or Sunfish. The fish is very common, and in some lakes (mainly trophy trout lakes) considered a pest. But they fight well on light tackle and supposedly taste great (we’ll let you know how that goes). We’ve seen some amazing animals in Africa, but it’s great to remember that we have our own animals to appreciate right here at home. (Note: this picture is unaltered, it just happen to come out this vividly. We used our little waterproof Olympus Stylus 850SW)