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Perks of being self employed

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Being self-employed is one of those double edge swords. Sure I get to stay in my pajamas till 4 in the afternoon but … well I’m still in my pajamas at 4 in the afternoon! I haven’t woken up to an alarm clock in over 2 years (except for the early airport run or fishing trip), but I don’t get paid “sick” leave either.

Well one of the perks that I like best is being able to go do things during off times. So last Thursday I headed out with my fishing buddy and banjo player extrordinaire Greg Lawless and Jack Mitchell, one of the best fly fishing guides in this region (meaning planet earth). We saw two boats the whole day and we caught over 20 – 30 fish with almost 90% caught on dry flies.
Winter and spring here in the Northwest can be a bit dreary with all the rain/hail/snow we’ve been having lately, so when the sun comes acalling you better go out and be in it … oh wait you have a job. You only get to look at it through conference room windows … well our conference room today was 11 miles around mercer island … I’ll trade you your Aeron chair for a bicycle any day …