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MS Bike Ride 2010

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Well another successful and fun year at the annual MS Bike ride. This year the weather wasn’t as cooperative as it’s been in the past, today it rained quite a bit on the bikers! The team this year was smaller, and consisted of Bebeth, Lisa, and Mikaela; Ray and Cynthia were virtual riders. The Bine and I were there for moral support! Mikaela biked over 30  miles the first day and Bebeth and Lisa did over 70 miles. The second day Bebeth and Lisa rode almost  30 miles and finally called it a day after being soaked to the bone.

If anyone is interested in supporting Bebeth she’s just $89 dollars short of her $5,000 goal, you can go here to donate:

Also if anyone is interested in riding next year let us know! We’re always looking for more team mates! It’s really well supported (rest stops with food, drinks, and bathrooms every 10 miles) and there are multiple length routes you can do; first day ( 20,50, 70, 100) second day (50, 70). Over 2000 bikers come and ride and support the fight against MS. If you sign up all your meals are taken care of (breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus snacks). You get to ride across deception pass escorted by Harley Davidson riders!

Nice afternoon

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

It was a great afternoon for a bike ride and to play in Bitter Lake with the Bine.

Time to fight MS!

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

As many of you know, last week we broke many heat records in Seattle.
While for some people the highs of 103 meant that it was a great
opportunity to play hooky from work and visit one of our many beaches,
lakes or wading pools, for the thousands of people living with
Multiple Sclerosis, it was a nightmare. The high temperatures can
exacerbate the already challenging symptoms.

As you’ve probably already guessed, its that time of year when I hop
on my bike and join the MS Ride to fight MS. Like last year, I’ll be
riding with hundreds of other cyclists for two days in September to
raise money. Unlike last year I’ve started a team with some friends to
help raise as much money as possible. We’re The Fighting Axons! The
funds raised will help support programs for people living with MS as
well as their families. Can you imagine being a little kid and
watching your parent struggle with the most basic activities? Kids
camp would give you a safe place to ask questions and meet other kids
who know just what you’re going through. Of course, the money will
also go towards finding a cure…one day we hope that no one will have
to live with MS!

Please consider sponsoring me as a I ride in support of everyone with
MS, but especially my Uncle Ray. I’d like to see him one day be able
to say that he no longer has MS.

If you’d like to donate, the easiest way is by going to:



MS Ride Wrap-up

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

This update on the ride is a little old, but didn’t want to post it online till now (my appologies for those of you who are getting this twice…)

Yes, this is the final ride update for the year…so please read all of it. It’ll be worth it. Just to give you some incentive, I’ve created a quick table of contents:

1. Good news.
2. Good news.
3. Better than expected news.
4. Good news.

How bad could that be? :)

The first item of good news (and arguably the best news given the purpose of the ride) is the fact that with much support, I raised $5,900! That put me in the top 20 fund raisers out of 2,000 riders! The money is going to a great cause and will help support both research as well as some amazing local programs.

The second piece of news is that my dad decided to fly out and join me for the ride. He rode 58 miles on Saturday and 50 miles on Sunday…definitely a personal best! We had a great time riding with over 2000 people including my friends Jessica and Jack and Mark’s parents. There were people of all ages (12+), with bikes of all kinds (road, mountain, recumbent, unicycle, and hand cycles), and lots of great camaraderie!

The better than expected news is that I rode 82 miles on Saturday and 75 miles on Sunday for a total of 152 miles. A little less than I had planned…so why better than expected? That would be news item number 4.

The final good news is that Mark and I are going to be welcoming the newest addition to the Schenk-Steudel family next March. Yes, that means that I’m pregnant! While riding 175 miles was fine with my doctor, I lost most of August’s training to feeling sick. So, at 13 weeks, I still think 150 miles isn’t half bad :)

Overall the weekend was a great success. I had a really good time, learned a lot more about our local chapter of the MS Society, and it was amazing to cross the finish line with Uncle Ray waiting for me! Getting involved with the MS Society has been a great experience and I definitely plan on making the ride an annual activity. Hopefully I’ll be starting a team with Jessica and Jack and we’ll want you to ride with us!

Jack, Bebeth, Dad and Jessica

Father’s Day

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Yesterday we had a great time on Dad’s day. We spent it biking around town, eating good food, and just good ol’ hangin’ out kind of fun. Hope everyone else out there had a great day as well!

Multiple Sclerosis

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Currently there are approximately 400,000 people living with Multiple Sclerosis in the United States and 200 more are diagnosed every week. The Pacific Northwest has the highest rate of MS in the country and yet no one knows why.  I’d like to help the National Multiple Sclerosis Society eliminate MS…wouldn’t you?

Why am I supporting MS? As some of you may know, my uncle, Ray Heacox, was diagnosed with MS in 1998.  Mark and I have been living with Ray and Cynthia for the last six months and have gotten to see first hand the challenges that Ray has to overcome every day. Symptoms vary greatly from one person to the next and include: fatigue, numbness, vision problems, coordination problems, and many others. Wouldn’t it be better if no one ever had to live with MS?

In order to raise money for MS, this fall (September 13-14) I’m riding 175 miles in the MS Ride. The ride takes place over two days in the Skagit Valley (North of Seattle). I’ll be riding with 2,000 other people who are also committed to raising money for MS. My goal is to keep up an average rate of 15 mph and to complete each day in 8 hours (plus one more hour to walk 5 ft. from the bike to the car!)

My goal is to raise at least $4,000 this year. In order to jump start the donations my mom (Deborah Schenk) and my aunt (Diana Huffman), Ray’s sisters-in-law, have agreed to provide challenge donations. Deborah will match the first $1,000 pledged and Diana will match the second $1,000.  Please help me reach that goal with your pledge. Your donation is tax deductible. You can donate through the MS Society’s website via my fundraising page ( You can also mail a check to me made out to “National MS Society”.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society will use funds collected from the Group Health Bike MS Ride not only to support research for a cure tomorrow, but also to provide programs that address the needs of people living with MS today. Because we can fight this disease by simply riding a bike, because we have chosen to help thousands of people through a contribution to the Bike MS Ride, we are now getting closer to the hour when no one will have to hear the words, “You have MS.”


Five Borough Bike Ride

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Mark and I are spending the month of May living with my parents in New York City and I chose my arrival date so that I could ride in the five borough bike ride. Its a 42 mile ride put on by Bike New York that goes through each of the five boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island). They cap the participation at 30,000 which isn’t a very high percentage of the population, but it still quite a lot of people. There aren’t many events in NYC that give quite as good a sense of community. The last time I did this was in 2001 and its gotten quite organized and very popular (spaces filled up fast). My dad and I enjoyed the beautiful weather and the mostly flat terrain. There were lots of rest areas with food and music, plenty of new sights to see, and even a ferry ride at the end!

Unfortunately I didn’t have a good camera with me (our small one was in a lake with Mark in Eastern Washington), but I took a few with my cell phone.

The first one is of the longest bike I’ve ever seen. Its a little hard to tell, but the yellow baby carrier at the back (sans baby) is at the end of 4 attached bikes. The front is the father’s full-sized bike and behind him are each of his three daughters’ bikes. Its not exactly a tandem, but they’re attached with some bar (I’m sure all you parents know exactly what it is). It seemed a little unwieldy in length, but it was pretty cool.
This shot is of one of the rest areas with lots of people!

A great day for a ride…

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Today was sunny and beautiful….just the right temperature for a bike ride (well, when isn’t it the right time for a bike ride?!) Mark, Jessica and I headed out to Whidbey Island for a day of fishing (Mark) and riding (Jessica and Bebeth). Jessica and I plotted our route on the ferry with food stops guiding our way. Neither of us had ever ridden on Whidbey Island, so it was a bit of the blind leading the blind….but we had a great day. We travelled from Freeland north along the west coast to Greenbank, back down the East side to Freeland where we had lunch at Gerrys (yummy food). Then we headed up the other side of Honeymoon bay and over to Langley for some ice cream. It was only 30 miles in the end. But early in the season and with lots of hills, it still managed to kick our butts.

Our route:

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Perks of being self employed

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Being self-employed is one of those double edge swords. Sure I get to stay in my pajamas till 4 in the afternoon but … well I’m still in my pajamas at 4 in the afternoon! I haven’t woken up to an alarm clock in over 2 years (except for the early airport run or fishing trip), but I don’t get paid “sick” leave either.

Well one of the perks that I like best is being able to go do things during off times. So last Thursday I headed out with my fishing buddy and banjo player extrordinaire Greg Lawless and Jack Mitchell, one of the best fly fishing guides in this region (meaning planet earth). We saw two boats the whole day and we caught over 20 – 30 fish with almost 90% caught on dry flies.
Winter and spring here in the Northwest can be a bit dreary with all the rain/hail/snow we’ve been having lately, so when the sun comes acalling you better go out and be in it … oh wait you have a job. You only get to look at it through conference room windows … well our conference room today was 11 miles around mercer island … I’ll trade you your Aeron chair for a bicycle any day …