Settling in

First, I want to say thank you so much for all the emails we’ve been getting from friends and family at home. Although we may not respond immediately, it’s meant so much to us to wake up each morning to a new batch. Our first stop each morning is the lobby for wifi! We feel so lucky to have so much love and support! Baby Amara is already loved by so many…as are we!

Things here are going really well. Amara is transitioning smoothly (knock on wood) and we are all getting to know each other. It’s rather amazing how much you can learn in 48 hours, especially from someone that can’t communicate verbally with you. I think Mark and I both feel like we know here a bunch already. We can distinguish the various grunts and accurately predict what she’s going to want or need. We know there’s tons to learn still, but it’s also kind of amazing how quickly the familiarity came.

We’ve settled into a nice routine here in Changsha. We eat breakfast in the hotel to start the day. Its included, its a buffet, and its HUGE!! So we gorge ourselves and then usually skip lunch. At 10 we meet our fantastic guide Sarah and head out on a morning adventure. Today we went to an old Academy in the middle of the university here. Its hundreds of years old (parts are even thousands of years old) and was beautiful. Then a quick trip to Walmart for some clothes for Amara (yes, you read that right…Walmart :) and then back to the hotel. Amara usually sleeps through half the morning outing. The afternoon is spent napping (until today I seemed to be falling asleep in my tracks at random moments throughout the day) and playing in the children’s playroom in the hotel. Finally we meet Sarah again at 5:30 to go out to dinner. We’ve tried a new restaurant each night and the food has been fantastic!! I think Sarah likes that we have wanted nothing to do with Western food and have been thrilled with every dish she has ordered for us.

Best of all, we got to Skype with Bine this morning. Although my mom has been sending updates daily and I know Bine has been doing great, nothing compares with seeing her actual face and watching her jabber away from the comfort of my mom’s lap. It certainly warmed Mark’s and my hearts!
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