Leaving yesterday was crazy hard. Mark and I have left Bine numerous times for weekends away, but 2 weeks is another story. Bine, of course, was the stronger one in the situation. She kept telling me it would be fine. I knew she would be fine. My parents are staying with her and I can’t imagine anyone else that could make me more comfortable. There’s something just so comforting knowing that your child is with your own parents. I know she will feel exactly as I did growing up…totally loved. But it is me who is having a hard time. I miss having her around. I miss her hand on her hip giving me lip, I miss those crazy eyes she gives me, I miss her huge hugs, and I even miss those absurd dress-up dresses that she insists on wearing!

I long for Monday when we will finally meet Baby Eagle, or Amara as she will become. I know it will make this aching all worth it. But today I don’t know her and while I know the idea is worth it, I prefer to have the reality.

Mark and I survived the trip and even got to talk with Bine on the phone when we arrived last night. Now we’re about to spend the day touring around Beijing. Let the adventure begin!!!

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