We have arrived in Guangzhou, but it was with a bit of sadness that we left Changsha. Although we were ready to move on from the city, one of the unexpected blessings was staying in the same hotel as 5 other adoption families. We all shared the same Gotcha day and got to know each other as we passed at breakfast and met in the children’s playroom. Learning about each family, their new children and hearing each other’s stories was so wonderful.

Silas, an adorable and fiercely independent 5 year old boy with Downs Syndrome, was there with his new mom and dad. When they return home to Ohio, he will meet his 6 siblings, all adopted with special needs from around the world.

Levi, an albino boy with a smile that could kill, was welcomed into a large and loving family. He’s got three brothers, each with redder hair than the next, and a Chinese sister who’s been part of the family for 7 years. Although he will visit the USA soon, he will live with his family in China where they’ve been for the last few years.

Ciara, a quiet, but watchful child with a beautiful smile and mild Cerebral Palsy, was greeted by her single mom and her second oldest brother. At home in Ohio waiting for her is her oldest brother who is taking care of the two youngest kids. She will have 4 siblings to give her lots of attention and help her strengthen her muscles.

Maylie, a fast walking girl with a minor heart defect, will end up in Miami with a large spanish speaking family. There she will live in a house with her legal mother and father, as well as her second set of parents (her father’s twin and her mother’s sister) and their daughter. One huge, happy, and loving family.

Finally, there was Page, a beautiful little girl who was already fiercely attached to her new mother, was welcomed by her new parents and her 2.5 year old sister after a 6 year wait. When they fly home they will return to Baltimore together.

Unfortunately, we have all scattered to different hotels here in Guangzhou, so I’m not sure when or if we’ll see them again. But getting to know them while we were together in Changsha was wonderful.


The whole gang

The whole gang

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