Day 3 – Sleeping

Well it’s been a little over 72 hours since we’ve come home and it’s both great to be home and hard to be home. When we were away I’d always think, “I can’t wait to get home, it’ll all be easier when we get home.” But of course that’s not exactly true. While it’s home to us it’s completely new to Amara. Unfortunately her sleep habits have regressed. She now will not let us put her down for naps or to sleep. So one of us has to either sit with her or go to bed with her.

Sleeping and Sitting

Sleeping and Sitting

Fortunately she still is a good sleeper and we can move around the house with her without her waking up if we need to, we just have to do things with one hand. Her “spidey sense” is pretty amazing, no matter how deep of sleep she’s in, if we put her down she instantly is awake. At night it’s getting better. Last night she was willing to sleep slightly off of me and even next to me in the bed for a bit, which gave me some time to sleep on my side (whewww).

We are still working on getting over our jet lag. Often she’ll be asleep but we’ll be wide awake. Thank goodness for our ipads wich give us something to do, otherwise we’d go crazy!

We keep telling ourselves that this is a good sign, that it’s a sign of attachment that she won’t let us go. But at 2 am I find myself frustrated that she was so easy at first, but now is so difficult. I just tell myself that she’s had so many traumatic events in her life that it’s ok if she has “velcro syndrome” for a while. Every night I think I see some signs that things will get better. I’m sure in 6 months this will seem like such a blip on our radar screens.  We look forward to our fist doctors appointment where we can hopefully get some advice as far as which methods (Ferber, Sears, Dobson, Weissbluth, movement, attachment, co-sleeping, cry-it-out, modified cry-it-out, etc.) are appropriate right now and which should be avoided.

Anyway, nobody said adoption was for sissies.


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