Coming along

Life in our house is moving right along. China feels like years ago, when it really was less than 2 weeks ago. I can’t believe how quickly things are changing in such a short time.  If you talk to me on the phone or in person, I’m sure you’ve heard me do plenty of complaining. There’s more than enough of tiredness and confusion to go around. But when we take even the smallest step back and look at where we are, it’s not too hard to see that things are going well….better than well…dare I say great? (Currently knocking rapidly on some wood)

Amara is sleeping better and often between us, instead of on us, a situation we’re happy to keep for quite awhile. She continues to eat voraciously…pretty much anything we put in front of her (but definitely not white rice with soy sauce or cottage cheese….she’s firmly against those). Although we can’t get over how much she eats, she doesn’t seem to be hoarding. She’ll definitely let us know when she’s full. Maybe just compared to the itty bitty eater that Bine has always been, Amara seems like she’s packing away so much!

Best of all, she’s getting very comfortable in our very raucous house. Anyone who has spent time here will agree that there isn’t any waking hour when things are calm. Kuja, our crazy dog, is a large part of this…though we certainly egg her on. The meeting of Amara and Kuja was of particular concern to me. Although it turned out that there were plenty of pet dogs in China, we still don’t have any idea how much exposure Amara had to dogs. We were worried Kuja would traumatize her. Little did we know….the day we arrived home Kuja came bounding (and I mean BOUNDING) out to meet us and Amara laughed and laughed and laughed. 9 days later, and the relationship is still great. Kuja seems to have accepted Amara as a new member of the family (the increased quantities of food on the floor hasn’t hurt) and Amara loves the big, black beast that lives with us. Though I wasn’t able to capture a smile, Amara pretty much always has a big grin on her face when Kuja is around.

Amara and Kuja

Amara and Kuja

Although we’re trying to learn how to have quiet evenings, we’re not so good at that. The sound of two sets of laughter is too good to pass up. We thought we loved listening to just Bine laugh….listening to the two of them laugh together and at each other is priceless. Amara is still very shy with anyone but us, so we thought we’d share a glimpse into the moments that we’re already treasuring!


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