Are You Excited?


It’s been interesting comparing the adoption process with other couples. Most of the other couples have gone through a different organization CCIA. There are lots of differences and ones that I certainly didn’t appreciate until now.

Part of the requirements for adopting is taking a certain number of educational courses. While I wasn’t a fan of taking up sunny weekends to go down to our adoption headquarters to take various adoption/parenting classes (though I was usually glad after the fact) I really appreciate that we were able to do it in person. A lot of these couples only had access to online training. While that seems convenient there is something nice about being in a room with lots of other couples going through the same thing, asking the same questions that you have in your head.

One couple we met here did not seem to have an outlet back home to really talk about what it’s like to go through this process. As we talked you could just see the relief of finally being able to talk with people that understood exactly what you are going through. One question that adoptive parents seem to get is the “Are you excited?” question. It’s a yes or no question, right? People just assume it’s yes. And how could you say “No I’m not excited.” But for me it’s always been a “sorta/maybe/kinda” answer. The amount of work, worry, frustration, money, preparation, stress, lack of information/updates, waiting, definitely consumes most of your excitement and as a protection from disappointment I definitely kept myself from getting too excited. There are just so many unknowns. So next time you meet someone going through the process of adopting, don’t ask them are you excited. I’m sure they are as excited as they can be, but probably not as excited as you expect them to be.

Though if you were to ask me now if I’m excited, I can truly say that I am. Having a few days to get on your feet, beautiful weather, and seeing/experiencing China has really let me get prepared for tomorrow. It IS exciting to think that we will be holding Amara aka Baby Eagle, in our arms soon. That all of our waiting and hard work will pay off. Yes we’ll have more challenges ahead, but I have the best partner to go through this with, the best family and friends to support us, and the best ambien to get a good night sleep …

Truly Excited From China, Mark

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