And soon we will be 4

We haven’t really been blogging much recently…but we’re picking it back up as on January 3rd Mark and I will be leaving for China to pick up our little girl. We’ll be using the blog as a place to document our trip and update our friends and family while we’re gone. Although we could just send a group email, I have read countless blogs in preparation for our trips, so I’m hopeful that our experience might help someone else in their future adoption endeavors. If you end up here randomly, pardon our in-eloquence….but we hope you find some nugget of info helpful in your journeys.

Although Mark and I had been in line with Ethiopia, things slowed down drastically and in early 2012 we made the decision to switch to China’s special needs program. After a quick homestudy update and way too much paperwork to redo, we were officially added to the China list in June. In August we received a match which we accepted. It was for a little girl born 10/31/2011, who has a cleft lip and palate. We flew through the remaining bureaucratic obstacles (originally we were told to expect to travel in March) and instead are leaving on 1/3/2013 to go to China. We will spend 2 days in Beijing getting over jetlag and hopefully doing a little sightseeing. After that we’ll head to Changsha to meet and take custody of our little girl on 1/7. We’ll have our visa interview in Guangzhou on 1/14 and will fly home on 1/16.

So, we leave you with our final family photo of 2012. Next time we take one we’ll be 4!


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