Learn a Fiddle Tune: St. Anne’s Reel with backup tracks

So I recently compiled this for a bluegrass group I’m a part of, but I thought this is good info for lots of people. Hope this is useful for someone. The first tune I’ve compiled is called St. Anne’s Reel, a really fun tune in D.

Scroll down if you just want the backup tracks.

So here are 5 different videos for various instruments where someone
shows how to play St. Anne’s Reel. (People rock!)

* * Fiddle Version

If you are a fiddle player and like reading music (maybe classically
trained), Pete Martin (an amazing fiddle and mando player) has some
fiddle tune books he offers in PDF or off of Amazon. The PDFs are
offered on the honor system, so you can download for free and if you
like them you can buy them.

* * Guitar Version w/Tab

Get the tab here:

* * Banjo

* * Dobro

* *Mandolin

Here’s a link to 4 different backup tracks at various speeds (60bpm,
80, 100, 120). If someone wants different speeds let me know I can
easily create it.

Happy picking!

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