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MS Ride Wrap-up

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

This update on the ride is a little old, but didn’t want to post it online till now (my appologies for those of you who are getting this twice…)

Yes, this is the final ride update for the year…so please read all of it. It’ll be worth it. Just to give you some incentive, I’ve created a quick table of contents:

1. Good news.
2. Good news.
3. Better than expected news.
4. Good news.

How bad could that be? :)

The first item of good news (and arguably the best news given the purpose of the ride) is the fact that with much support, I raised $5,900! That put me in the top 20 fund raisers out of 2,000 riders! The money is going to a great cause and will help support both research as well as some amazing local programs.

The second piece of news is that my dad decided to fly out and join me for the ride. He rode 58 miles on Saturday and 50 miles on Sunday…definitely a personal best! We had a great time riding with over 2000 people including my friends Jessica and Jack and Mark’s parents. There were people of all ages (12+), with bikes of all kinds (road, mountain, recumbent, unicycle, and hand cycles), and lots of great camaraderie!

The better than expected news is that I rode 82 miles on Saturday and 75 miles on Sunday for a total of 152 miles. A little less than I had planned…so why better than expected? That would be news item number 4.

The final good news is that Mark and I are going to be welcoming the newest addition to the Schenk-Steudel family next March. Yes, that means that I’m pregnant! While riding 175 miles was fine with my doctor, I lost most of August’s training to feeling sick. So, at 13 weeks, I still think 150 miles isn’t half bad :)

Overall the weekend was a great success. I had a really good time, learned a lot more about our local chapter of the MS Society, and it was amazing to cross the finish line with Uncle Ray waiting for me! Getting involved with the MS Society has been a great experience and I definitely plan on making the ride an annual activity. Hopefully I’ll be starting a team with Jessica and Jack and we’ll want you to ride with us!

Jack, Bebeth, Dad and Jessica