Hangin’ with the nieces

While Teddy and Lisa were off on a fun biking trip, Mikaela and Terese (our niece’s through Mark’s brother) came to stay with us. The weekend was filled with cooking and eating lots of good food, laughing at strange waitresses (one felt the need to call water “wawa” to Terese who is 9 years old!) and lots of great photo opportunities.

Saturday night found us making home-made pumpkin ravioli. All 4 of us were involved and the results were quite good.

After such a yummy dinner, what’s the best thing to do? Make armpit farts! Too bad Courtney wasn’t here to help us with the real thing!

Today we got up and went down to the Olympic Sculpture Park. Its completion happened while we were away in Kenya and Mark and I hadn’t had the opportunity to go yet. Its right on the Seattle harbor with great views. I’m not sure how we decided to do this, but we ended up doing interpretive poses of many of the statues. Below are a few of our favorites.

All in all, we had a great weekend!

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