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Movin’ in!

Sunday, August 24th, 2008


After two years of living overseas, living out of suitcases, living off of friends and families, we’re finally back in our house. Our renters have moved out, we’ve had the whole place deep cleaned, and the wood floors redone and Friday the movers came and emptied out our 10×10 storage into our house. We’ve been spending the last 3 days unpacking, organizing, and restocking. It’s been a great two years, but its nice to finally set some roots down again. Come visit!

Coombs Bluegrass Festival

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

On July 30th Mark and I headed up to Vancouver Island to the town of Coombs for the Coombs Bluegrass Festival. They played three times over two days and got a great reception from the audience. Their Friday night performance was one of the best I’ve ever seen them have. Unlike the band, I didn’t have to rehearse, so I got to see some other really amazing bands. Below are a few shots from the weekend.

Robin (extremely talented fiddle player who joined them for the weekend), Mark Steudel, Mike Karbowski, Mark Meyers, Dave Grout, Pete Thorn, Ken (Banjo played filling in for Greg)

Band in action again

Mark Meyer on Dobro

Mark Steudel in action


Saturday, August 9th, 2008

We’ve been wondering what to put on the homepage of our web site for a while now. We have a blog, we have a gallery … So a while back we thought, it’d be cool if you just see a bunch of random images from our gallery, so we wrote a little program that grabs a bunch of images from our gallery and continually randomizes them on our front page. You can click on them and enlarge them. Anyway we finally got it done and put it up. Check it out. It’s not perfect, but we think it’s fun.