Obama and Kenya

A good friend of our, BRyan Polson, fellow returned Peace Corps volunteer, and now back in Kenya, sent us these pictures of the two national papers in Kenya … both featuring Obama.

Here’s his explanation:

As one race is over, so another begins. However, as you know, Obama has simply become an international phenomenon. Now, multiply that by pie-r-squared and you have the feeling of the pandemonium his victory has created here. I have gotten “Aye, just imagine that it was one of us who finally did it in America!” or “Obama Tosha!” (“tosha” meaning “enough” as in “all we need” which was used by Raila Odinga during this past election for Kenya as in “Raila Tosha”). People are selling t-shirts and there is talks of a security detail soon being sent to his grandmother’s tiny little village of Kogelo near Lake Victoria. For those of us American, we are well aware of the history here, but do know that in Kenya, a nation celebrates too!

I’ve attached pictures of today’s newspapers headlines and have included some links to the stories they have written:

Kenyans Salute Obama, The Standard
Obama Clinches Democratic Ticket, The Nation
Obama Sr went to US on scholarship…, The Nation
Why Africa Exults at Obama’s Victory, The Nation Editorial

Enjoy! And…OBAMA TOSHA :)

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