Five Borough Bike Ride

Mark and I are spending the month of May living with my parents in New York City and I chose my arrival date so that I could ride in the five borough bike ride. Its a 42 mile ride put on by Bike New York that goes through each of the five boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island). They cap the participation at 30,000 which isn’t a very high percentage of the population, but it still quite a lot of people. There aren’t many events in NYC that give quite as good a sense of community. The last time I did this was in 2001 and its gotten quite organized and very popular (spaces filled up fast). My dad and I enjoyed the beautiful weather and the mostly flat terrain. There were lots of rest areas with food and music, plenty of new sights to see, and even a ferry ride at the end!

Unfortunately I didn’t have a good camera with me (our small one was in a lake with Mark in Eastern Washington), but I took a few with my cell phone.

The first one is of the longest bike I’ve ever seen. Its a little hard to tell, but the yellow baby carrier at the back (sans baby) is at the end of 4 attached bikes. The front is the father’s full-sized bike and behind him are each of his three daughters’ bikes. Its not exactly a tandem, but they’re attached with some bar (I’m sure all you parents know exactly what it is). It seemed a little unwieldy in length, but it was pretty cool.
This shot is of one of the rest areas with lots of people!

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