On Tuesday we got back from our trip to visit Courtney and Arthur in Tanzania with my mom and dad. We had a great time….but we’ll post on that later. Our trip home took about 36 hours because we had a couple of really long layovers. The first one was in Nairobi and it was long by design. We were able to get a full 12 hours and made the most of it. We were picked up at the airport by Jonathan Campaigne (our old boss at Pride Africa) and went to the office to visit old co-workers and get an update on the status of DrumNet. After that we headed back to Jonathan’s house and had a wonderful dinner with some close friends: Tanja and Jarat (our next door neighbors while living in Nairobi) and Marco and Tessa (Marco, among other things, was our guide for our Schenk family trip in Kenya). It was great to see everyone, but made us wish, once again, that Kenya wasn’t so far away.

During dinner we mentioned that we had an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam. Marco and Tessa are both Dutch and told us that the train station was just below the airport and we could be in downtown in 15 minutes. Only mildly concerned about our ability to function normally after such a long flight, we agreed to visit Amsterdam. It turns out they were right about the ease of getting into town and at 7:30 am(!) Mark and I found ourselves at Central Station in the heart of Amsterdam. We spend the next few hours wandering the streets, walking up and down canals, and enjoying the chaos of thousands of bicycles that is Amsterdam rush hour. All in all it was a very fun, if unexpected, part of our vacation. Below are a few images from the morning.

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