Coffee, Laptop, Modem, and Wide Open Roads

The Seattle branch of Mindful Interactive is picking up and moving shop for a couple of weeks…we’re headed to Bozeman, Montana. What’s involved in the move?

1) Pack the car full of all the outdoor great that you can find/reach in storage.
2) Pack up coffee and snacks for the 12 hour drive
3) Pack laptops and modems

As I write this we are somewhere in the middle of Washington State on I-90. Mark is driving and I’m working (er…blogging). Things are a lot different than when we left…or maybe they’re the same and we just didn’t know you could be connected to the internet while driving a car in the middle of nowhere. We’re curious to find out if there’s anywhere between Seattle and Bozeman where I can’t be online.

Stay tuned for pictures and stories of our adventures in Bozeman!

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