Sticker Shock!

Well my hair was getting pretty long so I figured it was time to get the ol’ noggin shaved. I headed down to a hair salon close by. I walked in the door and was greeted by 4 guys sitting around not doing anything. I asked, how much would it cost to shave my head. The guy looks up at my hair like he’s analyzing how hard it would be to cut my hair, looks back down at my face and says, “$22 dollars”. What?! I asked him if he was serious, I mean it doesn’t take any skill to shave a head or anything. “Are you sure, it’s just a head shave?”, I ask. Nope they’re sure, $22 smackers! While I’m mulling over the highway robbery, some guy in the back pipes up, “Oh honey, you can do it!” What? Does he think this is my first time?

Well I wasn’t paying anyone 22 dollars to shave my head, I proceeded to storm out of the salon drive across the street to RiteAID and buy myself 19.99 hair clippers. In kenya I paid maybe 50 cents to get my head shaved, of course I also risked getting wierd diseases. In Cape Town I paid five bucks. In America … I do it myself! See below for the results.

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