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As you all probably know the elections in Kenya have turned ugly, accusations of rigging, tribal violence have turned what was the largest voter turnout into a saddening, sickening situation. I’ve been reading the New York Times every morning and they generally have one article on what is happening. I am also reading some blogs written by Kenyans in Kenya that give you a much better idea/view of what is going than the newspapers, especially with the Kenyan government censoring the news. This site has collected a bunch of different Kenyan blogs that give more perspective of what is happening:

It’s strange to look at some of the pictures and know that 5 months ago we were in some of those places. There are many Peace Corps volunteers out of the country for holiday and have been contacted by the Peace Corps director and told to stay where they are. Other volunteers have been congregated into safe houses (probably hotels) to ride out the violence, while others are far and safe enough at their villages but told not to move. It’s sad and scary to think that some of our Kenyan friends back home could be targeted by this senseless violence just for being from a different tribe.

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