Open Source Software Workshop (Mark)

Last week I was flown to Nairobi for an Open Source Software Workshop. Very interesting time! For most of you I won’t bore you with the things that we discussed, but I met a lot of interesting people from all over Africa. Here are a couple of pictures from the conference.

Here I’m “SpeedGeeking”. If any of you have heard of SpeedDating (click on the link to Wikipedia for more info) it’s based on that. 7 attendees volunteered to talk about their project. They all sat at different tables and then the rest of the attendees divided up amongst the seven tables. Each presenter had 7 minutes to present. At the end of 7 minutes everyone rotated and it started all over. At the last minute I decided to present the SmartQuiz HIV/AIDS application we wrote. It gets your presentation skills honed real quick to present something 7 times in one hour. Anyway people liked the application and several asked to use it for other projects in their countries.

Below is a group shot of almost all of the attendees from the conference. There were folks from South Africa, U.S.A, Uganda, Kenya, and Ghana. Here’s a quick list of some of the best things from the conference:

  1. Learning about sustainable Open Source Business models. Basically we talked about how can you make money with Open Source Software.
  2. Meeting all of these interesting people and the projects they are working on
  3. Interesting ideas for Africa: Mobile Development Platform for all of Africa and Open Source Software Development for African developers

Anyway, that’s all for now.

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