At the end of the world … (Mark)

On Sunday we took our car out to the Cape of Good Hope. On a side note, driving has been awesome. It didn’t take too long to get the hang of driving on the left side of the road and shifting with my left hand. Anyway back to the Cape… We spent the day hiking around the Cape enjoying the spectacular views. When I was trying to pick out pictures for this post, it was really difficult to pair them down to just five but I figured I’d spare all of your inboxes ….

While photographing flowers, we ran into a few of these local residents.

Bebeth and Courtney finally getting their chance for a picture in front of the Cape of Good Hope sign. You literally had to wait in a improvised line and then when it was your turn run up to make sure nobody cut in front of you.
Bebeth and Courtney on step 156 of 200 on our way down to the beach.

Beach girls!
Cliffs near the lighthouse.
Bebeth and Courtney trying to find their way home.
Anyway if any of you are looking for a gorgeous fun filled area to vacation I would highly recommend Cape Town and the surrounding areas.

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