The year of the hair

So, many of you have commented on Mark’s hair of late (especially the moms…who have been lobbying for growing out the hair for years!) Well, we thought we would post a few pictures showing the progression.

When we arrived in Kenya he looked like this….same as when he was home. Many volunteers had similar hair cuts (or adopted them quickly after arriving due to the ease of keeping it!)
After we left Bungoma for our long stint in Nairobi, we couldn’t find a barber who would shave Mark’s head for a reasonable price. They were all charging up to 10 times what we paid in Bungoma. So, 4 months later, this was Mark:
Finally, a few weeks ago Mark got a “real” haircut in Kisumu (on a side note, a “real” haircut involves going to an Indian barber who cut mark’s hair, massaged his head, slapped his back, and cracked his ear joints (who knew there were joints there to crack??….except probably Dina!) According to Mark this was the first haircut he had gotten in almost 10 years (as opposed to a shave). Ironically we saw a bunch of volunteers that weekend who we hadn’t seen in ages. They all though this version was the long version!! (If you can’t tell, he had close to 2 inches cut off!)
It’s almost like looking at 3 different people!

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