Safari Pictures

We have finally gotten back to decent internet, so we thought we’d put a few pictures up from our trip with Denise, Dave and family. We were very lucky and every day brought us new and exciting sights, but here are just a few moments. (Beware…there’s some guts and gore….literally!)

This mother seemed completely used to the fact that there were many vehicles watching her and her cubs…not sure if that’s a good or bad thing in the grand scheme of things, but we certainly enjoyed watching.

Early on we were fortunate enough to stumble on this recent kill. The adults were already sacked out from the large meal and the little one was left to feed on the remainder. We returned over the next few days to see carcass in its many states. (we’re only posting this one for now for those of you with weak constitutions.)

These guys seemed oblivious to our desire to get through. For some reason I kept expecting to hear Eddy Murphy’s voice from the one who was looking back at us…

I think the elephants were the favorite of the trip. They are so expressive that it’s really easy for you to imagine all sorts of personalities and thoughts (anyone aware of my family’s relationship with our dog Lucy will not find this surprising!)


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