Rattatui, Bungoma style …. (Bebeth)

The events are a little old, but still worthwhile to share. – Mark


Since we got back form Nairobi we’ve had a few rats in the house. The first one arrived a few days ago and was very brazen and ran right between mark’s legs on the way to the kitchen. Mark quickly got up and ran to the kitchen. He shut all the cupboard doors and looked around for him, but couldn’t find him. The next morning we heard noises and Mark realized that the night before he had managed to lock the rat in one of the cupboards. We sat around for awhile trying to figure out what to do with it. Our options were a) open the door and just let it run away, b) try to catch it humanely and then let it go outside, or c) trap and kill it. We opted for choice b. So Mark fashioned a “trap” our of a cardboard box and put food in it. The theory was that he would be able to hear it crawl in and then he could grab the whole box out. I got ready to go and headed out with Njagi to a farmer meeting. Throughout the day I got text messages saying that he and the rat were still hanging out. The rat had managed to eat all the food out of the box multiple times. Eventually mark went and got a standard trap and just tried to kill it. Well…talented rat. He got the food out of that one too without ever setting it off. (Mark is doing all of this by opening the door quickly, putting something in, shutting the door before it could get out.) So just before we went to bed he made some functional changes to the trap, set it again, and WACK, we got the rat. Thank goodness.

Well, the next night Mark is standing in the living room and another rat runs OVER mark’s foot. It runs into the kitchen, out of the kitchen, into the bathroom, out of the bathroom, and so on. Finally we realize that he’s getting into the apartment through the bathroom window. So the next time he runs into the bathroom mark slams the door shut to the “shower room” and the “toilet room”. Before going to bed he puts the rat trap in the “shower room” and we hope in the morning it will be done with.

Well, the next morning I wake up and have to go to the bathroom very badly. I tell Mark that he really needs to go and check. So, dutifully, he gets up and checks both rooms for the rat. No rat. The trap is still set and there is no rat to be seen. Grateful, I rush into the bathroom and am about to go the bathroom when I see the rat IN THE TOILET. Yes….there was a lot of shrieking. The rest of the story isn’t so fun…it involves a live, but very hypothermic rat, Mark trying to let it out by anchoring a string to the wall, the rat pathetically trying to crawl up the string, Mark finally having to lift it out, Mark putting it into a bag … Needless to say it was removed from the house and we haven’t seen one since….


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