Looking back … (Mark)

Looking back … (Mark)

Well since I’ve gotten my new laptop (Lenovo T61 if you are interested) I’ve been backing up old documents and pictures. As I’ve been going through the pictures, I’ve found lots that we never got around to posting. Over the next week, before we head to Cape Town, I’ll and post a few of those pictures to give you a better idea of what our life was like here in Kenya

One activity that took up a lot of our time (especially B’s time) was waiting. Waiting for matatu’s, waiting for the rain to stop, waiting for people to get back from lunch, waiting for shops to open, and waiting for people to show up for meetings.This is a picture of us doing just that. Njagi is in the yellow shirt, and Joseph is sitting next to me. I think on this trip the farmers were around a hour and a half late, not too bad in Kenyan time.


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