Starlight (Bebeth)

Many of you know of place that holds a special place in my family called Starlight. In a tiny little town in Pennsylvania my family has had a house on a lake for many, many generations. My grandmother was born in our house, my father grew up spending summers with the kids down the lake, and my sister and I spent our summers exactly the same way the children of my dad’s friends. My family has 2 major holidays…Memorial Day and Labor Day. They are the start and finish to summer and our time at Starlight. Although both holidays are beyond wonderful, Memorial Day is always an adventure. Every year my family paddles in the General Clinton Canoe Regatta ( Monday is host to a professional race, but Sunday is the armature relay race day. My parents have been paddling in the race since shortly after college with my dad’s college friends and their families. Over the years we have convinced (sometimes successfully and sometimes not) others to join us in the adventure. The reasonable ones (ok, some would call you guys crazy) understand that this is not to be missed and return year after year.

Why am I posting this on our Kenya blog? Well, as you all know my mom (and our dog Lucy) write us every week to tell us of the recent happenings. The letter I got today was about this year’s Memorial Day weekend. Turns out it was perfect (if you weren’t there this year but have been in the past, then I’m sure you know what perfect means!) Nothing makes me miss home more than the thought of a Starlight weekend with friends and family.

For those of you who have not experienced a trip to Starlight I’d like to quote Clara Danneman, the middle-school age daughter of Eric and Peggy Danneman (long standing members of the Red Lining canoe team). Here is a conversation between Clara and her friend who she was bringing to Starlight for the first time:

Friend: “Is it a big place?”
Clara: “No, it is tiny.”
Friend: “Are there stores?”
Clara: “There is an inn and a post office.”
Friend: “So what is the big deal?”
Clara: “I cannot really explain it. It is an amazing state of mind.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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