Learn KSL (Bebeth)

We’ve mentioned this project in passing before, but thought it was high time that we tell a little more. As you know, we work on almost all of our side projects with Sam and Miranda. This happens for a couple of reasons. 1) Sam has a knack for offering up other people’s skills (we love it!) 2) Our skills are very complimentary so it makes sense for us to work together and 3) We rarely get a long enough break from our work with DrumNet to go find projects ourselves, so we let Sam do the work for us! :)

Anyway, this project is run by DeafAid, a Norwegian NGO dedicated to improving the lives of the deaf in Kenya. You’ve heard us go on and on about how underserved they are, so I won’t repeat all that. Well, this project is to help teach future (or sadly current) teachers in their pursuit of Kenyan Sign Language. As you know, teaching teachers is a “more bang for your buck” situation. We teach them, they teach many. The project is essentially a digital text book. There is lots and lots of video (since sign language is a visual language it can’t be taught very well, or at all, through text only) and interactive learning pieces. The project is exciting for a number of reasons. First, we both really enjoy working on projects with the deaf community. It’s brand new to us and there is SO much to learn. Second, it allows us to do what we really love, software development. There’s lots to be done in the setup of the structure of the book, recording progress, and the interactive “game” pieces. It uses a lot of what Mark and I are best at PHP and ActionScipt. Finally it’s exciting because its e-learning. Sam, Miranda and I all have a bunch of e-learning experience and are getting the opportunity to help mold this project (rather that just be developers).

Just to give you an idea of what its looking like so far (VERY early stages) here are a couple of screen shots. We hope to have a full lesson online soon to let people look at.

Login Screen

Main Menu

Lesson Page

Instructional video


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