Mail (Bebeth)

As many of you know, we have been working on getting the software done and its taking forever. This means that we have been “temporarily” posted in Nairobi for 6 going on 7 weeks now. We don’t expect to get back to Bungoma till sometime in June.

As many of you know, I’m completely neurotic about mail…so if I think that there’s mail sitting in our box I’m crazy. As it happens there is always mail in our box because my family sends multiple letters a week. This means that I have spent too much time worrying about mail and trying to figure out how to get it. We’re finally giving up hope of going back to Bugoma soon and are having my family switch to sending stuff to Nairobi.

So…if anyone else happens to be thinking about sending us something via snail mail (if not, we LOVE email too) we are switching our mailing address to our office’s address for the time being. This should only be used for anything that can fit in an envelope…don’t send any packages to either address right now.

The new address is:

Bebeth and Mark Steudel
c/o Pride Africa
P.O. Box 39320-00623
Nairobi, Kenya

username: markandbebeth
password: peacecorps

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