Bad Bug Day

Yesterday was apparently bad bug day. We didn’t know it when we woke up, but it didn’t take long for it to hit each of us.

Early in the morning Mark and I walked over to the Peace Corps office to have a quick meeting with Louis (our APCD) about planning for IST next week. When it was over I decided to go and check in with the medical team. I’d visited the PCMO last week because my toe had been hurting for awhile. I thought I’d stubbed it, but since it never looked bruised I decided to have it checked out. Last week the PCMO said it didn’t look too bad. Since I was going to be in Nairobi for awhile she decided to just have me soak it and see if it got better. Yesterday it still wasn’t looking any better, so I decided to have it looked at again. PCMO Ruth took one look at it and declared that I had a Chigger. If there are some lucky souls out there that have no idea what that means….it means that I had an insect living in my toe. GROSS!!! PCMO Ruth extracted it, and aside from having a little wound and being totally grossed out, I’m as good as new.

On to Mark….

Later that same day we were sitting in the office and Mark was drinking a cup of tea. He tasted something strange in his mouth and assumed that it was a cinnamon clove (don’t ask…’cause I don’t know!) Apparently he decided that he didn’t want to eat it so he spit it out into his mug…only to find out it was a very large live fly!

Ok, so that last one wasn’t nearly as gross as the first, but it just made it seem like we had bad bug karma that day. Thank goodness its gone today!

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