They’re here….more pictures

We’ve been a little delinquent recently with the posts…sorry. The good news is that after months of being not so busy, we’re now way too busy. Yes, we know….age old story. We spent a week in Kakamega for Peace Corps activities (the highlights of which were good food, AMAZING showers (at least by Kenyan standards), 2 days of Kenyan Sign Language lessons, and relaxing with other volunteers.

This week and next we’re in Nairobi and it feels like we’re back in corporate America. I spent Monday through Wednesday doing 13 hour work days trying to finish a proposal for the Gates foundataion (and anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like writing anything…if you have doubts as Rachel – a.k.a the saint who put up with me for 4 years of trying to write college papers :) Mark has spent the week trying to manage the development team and deal with a situation that could probably be found in chapter 1 of “How to design software to fail”! (more details to come later…)

The good news is that we have faster and free internet here and we’ve been able to upload a whole new set of pictures on our website. They can be found at:
(this is the same page, but the link to get to page 2 is not all that obvious.)

The newest folders are at the end.


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