Life as of week one (Bebeth)

So, everyone asks what we’ve been doing now that we’re actually at site.
Have you started work? How do you fill your days? Haha…that’s a good

Before we left, we knew the first few months would be very slow. It
takes a while to get to know a community and our organizations are told
that we shouldn’t be doing much work in the first few months in order to
give us time to orient ourselves to our new towns. However, being a
group of Americans, we are all rearing to go. We want to get stuff done,
see results, and move on to the next task. Unfortunately life here
doesn’t quite work that way. So, here’s what an average day this week
looked like. We wake up around 7:30 (actually we were woken up around
4:30 by the many local roosters, but fortunately we get back to sleep,)
then we cook some breakfast. Breakfast usually involves bread and eggs
because both are cheap and easy to cook. Next we sit down and try to
come up with some task that might require us to leave the house. In the
beginning of the week it was easy because we had nothing in our house,
so there was lots to buy. We intentionlly didn’t get everything in one
day so that we would still have something to buy the next day! Each
place we go we usually meet someone. Either the person who is selling us
something or maybe someone we asked a question of. In Kenya it is
impossible to simply ask a question. You have to have a whole
conversation. With us, that usually means learning who we are, what
we’re doing here, and too often asking us if we have money.

Sometimes all of that takes a whole day, and sometimes it only takes an
hour or two. There’s always plenty of time to nap, read, eat, read/write
letter, etc. I thought that when we left the US I wouldn’t be watching
movies anymore. By 7pm at night we have already read for a few hours,
cooked multiple meals, written in our journals, etc. There’s nothing
left to do. So, it turns out, getting to watch a movie on our laptop is
just perfect. Fortunately someone in our group brough a TON of movies
digitally and we were able to (Matina, don’t read this) copy a few onto
our laptop. For now, its great.

So that’s a typical day. We’ve been here a week and I think its going
about as well as its supposed to. Every day certainly has its ups and
downs (right now maybe more downs than ups) but I just keep reminding
myself that its ONLY been 7 days.

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