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So, a number of people have emailed us about sending packages, so I thought I’d just post the info here. Yes, you may send packages….we do get charged a little bit on our end to receive them but we’d still enjoy it. Good things to send (ie – things that don’t cost us too much to get) are drink mixes, small food items that don’t perish, really anything small that no one here is going to think is really expensive. Also we’re going to be getting a CD player soon so that people can send us music….mixes or copied cd’s (DON’T bother sending new stuff. On the customs form put .10 at most for a burned cd.) When you have to fill out the customs form make sure to put everything on it and give EVERYTHING a price….just reduce the value a lot. The trick is to make it cheaper than it actually is, but still believable. Then address it to either "Sister Bebeth Steudel" or "Brother Mark Steudel" and put some kind of religious wording on the outside. Otherwise we love all the mail we’ve been getting and if you’re looking for something to fill the envelope with any kind of news/reading material is great.

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