More info on Bungoma (Bebeth)

So we have now been in Bungoma for 3 days and area a very excited
about our site placement. Bungoma is a larger town with many
ammenities and a diverse population. It is still small enough,
however, to be safe and to allow us to get to know people. We spent
our first day here walking all over looking at places to live with our
counterpart (peace corps lingo for co-worker) Njagi. We ended up
selecting an aparment rather than a house. It is in a VERY safe
apartment building that is conveniently located. We only have to
commit for 3 months and then we can choose something else once we know
the area and community better. We will have electricity(!) and running
water(!) and way too much space. It will be great for other volunteers
to stay with us or even visitors from abroad! :)

We are working with an organization called “Pride Africa” on a project
called DrumNet ( It is an american
NGO run by a former peace corps volunteer. We will be helping them
with a large project that involves connection sunflower farmers with
buyers, seed sellers, and microfinance institutions. (We’ll get lots
of info for Jessica!)

Bungoma is in the Western province of Kenya about 40 km from Uganda.
It is very green here and SO beautiful. We feel so lucky to have
gotten a site close to so many great places to visit. Mt. Elgon is to
the north and has many hiking/camping opportunities. To the south is
Kakamega Forest which houses some unique monkeys and other wildlife.
We are also told that it is a birders paradise! (We will be taking a
picture of each and every bird we see for Jason!) Anyway, the list
goes on and on and I’m sure we will never run out of things to do in
the area. The only disadvantage (that we know of) is that we are about
as far from my cousin Jaron as possible (he arrived in Kenya in May
with Peace Corps.) But hopefully we will be spending thanksgiving with

Today we are headed to Kisumu for a night, then on to Nairobi to meet
with the head of Pride Africa and finally back to Kitui. We have 4
more weeks of training before we are officially sworn in on December
1st. Then we will move to Bungoma for good!

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