Mark’s Birthday

(This is a little old….)

We arrived home from Machakos safely on Mark’s birthday. Due to the timely posting of our phone number he received a number of phone calls from home. Thanks!! It was so great to hear so many voices from home. Our host family decided to make an exception for Mark and celebrated his birthday (in Kenya you don’t celebrate when you’re an adult. Our Baba had his birthday a few weeks ago and forgot about it!) They bought him a cake, some cookies and some molasses wine (gross!) We decided to take this opportunity to take a picture of the family. Mama laughed so hard when we took the picture because she said the flash was blinding!. In the picture you can see Mama, Mark, our host brother Joshua, Baba (desperately trying to get as far from me as possible so as not to be offensively close to me) and me. All in all it was a very sweet birthday.

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