Daily Activities

Each day starts with a language class at our friend Brian’s house. Our “classroom” (pictured below) consists of 2 benches and a blackboard propped against the wall of the house. There are 4 of us in the class and one trainer (Sam was our trainer at the time of the picture.) As you can see, there are also often various animals who join our class (cows, goats, turkeys, cats, dogs, etc). After language we have technical training with 2 other language groups. (More on technical training later) After technical training we walk to Kitui town from our village for lunch. We leave our village at 1 and arrive in town at 2, exhausted and VERY hungry. After lunch, grocery shopping and trips to the Posta (yes, we write letters……write us….we promise we’ll write you back!!) we begin the long journey home. Mark and I are very lucky because our Baba drives home a bunch of the local kids in a truck (it’s his neighbor’s) and many days we get a ride in the back (second picture below). Although we’ve been here for 4 weeks and our Kiswahili is getting better, the kids in the back persist in laughing at us when we try to talk to them. We’ve decided that candy may be the only way to get them to open up!

Note: If you’re getting this as an email (and not reading it on the blog) you may have to go to the blog to see the pictures. In case you’ve forgotten….the blog is at www.steudel.org/blog and you’ll need to login. The login is markandbebeth and the password is peacecorps.

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