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Peace Corp Update, Kenya Bound

Thursday, July 20th, 2006

As most of you know we have long since planned to join the Peace Corps.
After a long application process and a roller coaster of a placement
period, we finally got our invitation. On September 19th we will be
leaving for Kenya! We spend the first 3 months in training before being
placed in our town/village for the final 2 years. Bebeth and I will both
be working in the Information Technology program with my focus in small
business development and Bebeth’s in education. We’re thrilled with the
location and excited to see some REALLY big animals :)

We have no idea whether or not this will be possible, but we are hoping
to keep some sort of blog/mailing list for those that want to receive
whatever updates we can send out. If you want to sign up, check out: for instructions on how to sign up on
the mailing list. Or just check back here whenever you get bored at
work. We may have to password protect our blog, but you can just email
us and we’ll send you the password.

Mark and Bebeth